QLASH will once more play the key role of an event organizer by returning to Futureshots, held in Ca’ Tron (TV), where an exclusive Team Fight Tactics (TFT) tournament will be managed and supported by us.

The new edition of the Futureshots event is once more focused on innovation with dedicated panels and talks, workshops, an iconic food area, live music, vintage market and of course, videogames with two main tournaments taking place: Smash Bros Ultimate and Team Fight Tactics.


We’re more than happy to present our tournament - which will consist of an online phase, a live qualification and live finals in H-Farm Campus on September 21st. The winner will have the opportunity to fly to Madrid and assist for the LoL World quarter Finals, on October 26th and 27th.
Learn more about the Futureshots Festival: https://futureshots.h-farm.com/



We are thrilled to partner with H-Farm and develop together a winning synergy: innovation and education are key points for a successful growth in esports”, said Luca Pagano, QLASH co-founder and CEO. “Esports and digital transformation are important steps and we’re proud to bring our experience and expertise to complement H-Farm’s offering.



With over 600 employees based in Italy, H-Farm is considered an unicum internationally, being the first company worldwide to adopt a campus model integrating development, enterprise investments, mentoring and counseling. Founded in 2005, as of today they have invested over 26 million euro to support 116 innovative businesses and have helped over 200 of the most influential brands catch up and strengthen their position through digital transformation.