QLASH is proud to announce the entry of Annalisa La Rosa in its Clash Royale’s Team Pro.

The Sicilian pro player, also known as "Annie Ackerman", is already a veteran in the world of Clash Royale. She was able to assert herself within the QLASH team, obtaining excellent results during the competitions with the academy team as well as during our bootcamps. Thanks to her hard work and the trust she established within QLASH, Annie Ackerman finally managed to make her debut in our Team Pro, making a decisive turn to her career as a pro gamer in Clash Royale.

The Manager of Team PRO Nemos declares himself electrified by Annie's entry into the team and commented the entrance of the young talent to the QLASH team:
"Annie is the classic example of how a professional should work. She follows and assimilates with humility every single useful advice to constantly improve herself, I would like to have another 100 players with her dedication! Welcome to the Team PRO!"
Who is Annie Ackerman?
Annalisa La Rosa, aka “Annie Ackerman”, is a young 24-year-old gamer from Catania who started her adventure in Clash Royale about two years ago.
Surely a resolute girl and a prominent member of the QLASH team, Annie Ackerman started her climb into esports last July, when she attended an event in Lisbon, officially becoming part of the QLASH Girls team. 

After an intense preparation during our bootcamp with the other girls, Annie Ackerman has been recognized by her companions and the other QLASH members as a determined player that stops at nothing to achieve her goals. As a demonstration of her decisive temper, Annie Ackerman showed off her skills by representing Italy and ranking second during the GirlGamer Esports Festival held in Portugal, which was her first international competitive appearance with the QLASH Team Pro. Annie Ackerman remember with great emotion this experience:
“Covering the role of the QLASH Girl was an adventure to be discovered from A to Z. It was all new to me as I had never officially taken part of the team until then! I remember with joy the beginning of this fantastic experience, I will keep forever in my heart our first trip to Lisbon for the GirlGamer Festival."

The entry into the Team PRO means a great commitment for Annie Ackerman, but also the beginning of a promising career of a ready-made game. For the QLASH Team Pro her addition might become a possible key point for achievements in the competitive Clash Royale scene. The young player commented on the news of her inclusion in the Team Pro:

"The entry into the Team Pro was like a bolt from the blue, I must say that the proposal made me really happy, in my heart I knew it was the thing I wanted most. I always thought I wanted to measure myself with a more competitive reality. I think they have seen great potential in me, and I hope that with time and with the work you can achieve successes. I have the desire to compare myself with people of my same level and I will certainly have the opportunity to grow when I will find on my way much more experienced players than me."

The other members of the ex-QLASH Girls Team - Federica Meloni (Yoshiue), Roberta Ecca (Howl), and Cristina Naim (Ishtar) will join the roster of the QLASH Academy trying to build up their skills and get ready to compete in the pro scene in the future.

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