BlizzCon has concluded and the new season of StarCraft 2 begins with teams and players gearing up for a potentially different scene, format of competitive play and major game patches. As with all other sports this is the time when roster changes occur while everyone is trying to find the best formula for success. This of course also applies to QLASH and without dragging on with the small talk, we’d like to make a couple of major announcements.

Thank you, Elazer!

We would like to say goodbye and a big thank you to one of our star players - Mikołaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski. His current participation in HomeStory Cup XVIII will be the last event where he wears the QLASH Team Pro jersey and soon he will be joining another team to continue his professional career. Our experience with him has been nothing but positive and it was a real pleasure having him on board for the past year and three months. We wish him all the best going forward and will continue rooting for him wherever he goes!


And now we would like to extend our warmest welcome to one of the most prominent casters, streamers and an overall StarCraft 2 icon - Kevin ‘Rotterdam08’ van der Kooi! He is joining the QLASH family and we believe he will be instrumental in our plans to create more engaging and higher quality content, events and the different community initiatives we have planned for you. 

He is a former professional Warcraft III player and commentator from the Netherlands with more than 100 live events casted under his belt, one of which was the QLASH StarCraft 2 Invitational earlier this year. Furthermore, he is an official Blizzard caster for the WCS stops around the world and has also commentated on a few Global Finals. Last but not least, he is one of the most dedicated streamers out there entertaining his many thousands of fans on his official Twitch channel.

When asked what he thinks about joining us, Rotti said: ‘"icouldn’t be more excited to be part of QLASH! I haven’t been part of a team in a very long time and it feels great to represent an organization that I feel very good about. After casting the first season of the QLASH Invitational I got some really positive vibes from the team and was hoping I would have the opportunity to do more awesome stuff together with them. So I’m genuinely very excited we were able to work this out and am looking forward to streaming under the QLASH banner but even more pumped to work on the many projects we have lined up.”.

It goes without saying that we are also looking forward to working together with Rotti. One of the main reasons we love having him on board is that we share the same philosophy around the industry - community first. We see many opportunities in continuing to grow the SC2 scene and can’t wait to share our plans with you. Hope you are as hyped we are!