QLASH is pleased to present the new Clash Royale PRO Team. Our players are ready to go down in the arena and compete together in the main competitions in the Clash Royale esports scene.

The Clash Royale Pro Team Staff will be managed by Nemos, a streamer, Italian caster and event organizer for the global Clash Royale community such as SUS Cup, QLASH League and various PRO Brackets. He is a member of the QLASH team since the beginning of this adventure on Clash Royale.

"After a year marked by events of worldwide success, I am ready to give my best and raise the bar even more, with the fundamental help of all the QLASH staff and the community itself, for this new and incredible year that is about to start. The Hype is sky-high and we just have to prove our value ", says Nemos.

Here is what the other staff members had to say:

Doctor G, Pro Team Coach
At the beginning of the competition he was part of Team Maed and Team Element, only to devote himself exclusively to the top ladder. Until the fascinating challenge of joining Team QLASH as head coach was presented to him.

"I am enthusiastic about the possibility of training a group of youngsters who have demonstrated important game and human qualities over the past few months. We strongly believe in the players we have carefully selected to form the core of Pro Team." - DoctorG continues - " We know that the road to success will be long and full of obstacles, but we are ready to get involved with passion and desire to work daily. All in the name of respect, for ourselves, for the game, for the opponents and for our community. Be there for us ... we are ready to have fun and entertain you! "

Sqyzn, Head Analyst
Analyst for the Italian national team during the CR Nations Cup, obtaining a fourth place at the live event in Tenerife.

Team Pro Players
The team presents internationally renowned players, already known in the world of Clash Royale for their individual and collective results, and is as follows:
V€ND€TTA, German
Member of QLASH since December. He participated in the QLASH League and in the RPL with QLASH. He was part of the German national team during the CR Nations Cup.

iSlaw, French
Some of is main achievements are the Top 6 at the CCGS EU Fall season. He can take pride about having participated in Superliga Orange and having won the ESWC Clan Wars with Team Queso.

Mattiaa, Italian
It has long been in the orbit of QLASH, having already been part of the QLASH League and RPL rosters. He can also boast a fourth place with the Italian national team in CR Nations Cup in the live event of Tenerife.

Chiqui, Italian-Argentine
He managed to qualify for the CRL Combine EU in Amsterdam, finishing second in his bracket during the CRL EU - Live combine.

Jay Tie, German
With Ako Roshi reached the RPL semifinals and currently boasts the best winrate of the team in the competitions in which they took part.

Uncut, German
After participating in the CR Nations Cup in which he played with his national team, since the very first team competitions, he showcased remarkable in-game skills which we are sure he can take to even higher levels.

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