It is rare that even before a new game hits the market everyone already expects it to be a big success. There are usually different stages in a title’s development, including uncertainty, where the general public evaluates if it is here to stay or not. The case of Brawl Stars is the exception rather than the rule. With its global release late last year there was already a huge buzz around the game, and how can it be any different, when the publisher Supercell has hardly ever made a wrong step in the gaming or esports markets. They now continue on the same path with Brawl Stars, being as addictive as it is, and drawing attention from the major content creators and players out there, proving to be yet another great move by Supercell.

As usual, we at QLASH intend to get involved with a bang. We have been planning our first big Brawl Stars event for some time now and we are ready to share it with you, hoping that it will come out as entertaining and innovative as we envision it.

One of the main things we are trying to achieve with the event is to keep it more on the entertaining side rather than the hardcore competitive one. This, of course, made us brainstorm of a completely new format.


The Participants

There will be a total of 6 teams in the tournament, all of which will be captained by a European content creator. Each team will consist of the content creator, a professional Brawl Stars player and a community member along with a couple of subs. The selection process is explained further below, but let’s now present our team captains who will also be representing their countries to give a little extra spice to the competition.

Spain - ‘Alvaro’  - YouTube Channel
Germany - ‘BigSpin’ - YouTube Channel
France - ‘Trapa’ - YouTube Channel
United Kingdom - ‘ARK’ - YouTube Channel
Serbia - ‘
SupremeNexus’ - YouTube Channel
Italy - ‘Nemos’ - YouTube Channel


The Live Draft and Community Players

This Friday (15/03/2019) at 21:00 CET we will stream live on the QLASH YouTube Channel the draft of the pro players in English. Every content creator will have to select any 5 pro players into a draft pool that will be confirmed the day before. This will give us a total of 30 possible pros in the pool, but from these 30 only 12 will be picked by the content creators to participate in their teams. One of the pro players will be in the main roster and the other one will be a substitution. The order of picking will be decided by a game of Solo Showdown between the content creators which will be shown live. Join us on stream to follow the Live Draft and also for some good Brawl Stars banter!

The third player in each team will be selected from the YouTube communities of each content creator. Later this week, all content creators will publish a video explanation on their channels on how to be involved in the selection process to play in the team so make sure to subscribe to their channels if you want to take part!. We will give you a small hint - there is no game skill requirement to participate and your chances are as good as anyone else’s! As with the pro players, there will be community members in the main roster as well as subs.


The format

There will be a single group where all 6 teams will be involved. They will play in a round-robin format, having a single match against all opponents. All matches will be Bo3 sets and each set will be Bo3 games.

Once all matches have been played, the top 4 teams in the group (12 people) will qualify for the offline semifinals and finals (all expenses covered by us) to be played and streamed live in the QLASH House in Treviso, Italy!

The competing roster of each team must include the content creator, one of the pro players and one of the community members. This is important to safeguard the integrity of the event and to keep the tournament on the fun side, keeping the teams balanced and creating the prerequisites for some really cool brawls.


The schedule

We will play a round in the group every week and each content creator will publish a video on Monday evening in their respective language on their YouTube channels. The video will show their viewpoint and full match. You can expect the gameplay videos to be posted on:

Week starting March 25 - online Round 2
Week starting April 1 - online Round 3
Week starting April 8 - online Round 4
Week starting April 15 - online Round 5
Week starting April 22 - online Round 5

Each Friday following an online round we will be posting a full recap of the round on the QLASH YouTube Channel, showcasing the best moments and current standings.

April 27 (Saturday) - offline semifinals and finals in the QLASH House


The offline semifinals and finals will be covered fully in a live stream. Stay tuned on our socials for more information!

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