TREVISO - 20/12/2018 - Following a path of constant growth, not just on a national but also on global level, QLASH is excited to announce that we are merging with Team Forge, the very first and most successful esport team ever created in Italy.

The fusion between QLASH and Team Forge will be on all levels. Two realities, one common goal: the creature of Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov and the creature of Alessandro ‘sirbone’ Fazzi, will stand together to share the same dream. QLASH and Forge, two competitors that understood the power and the potential of a common path.

One team, one management, one goal: to face any kind of challenge, no matter how complicated it might be, with the utmost competence and determination.

Together to ‘forge’ tomorrow’s champions

“For QLASH, scouting, managing and growing young talents are the key for the future of esports”, said QLASH CEO Luca Pagano. “Forge has always been a real reference point in these aspects: together, our realities will have all the tools to further step up, aiming at even more important and ambitious goals that require resources and appropriate skills”.

Team Forge’s management will take care of all competitive aspects of the QLASH universe: not just the Pro Teams but also the critical Academy and talent scouting. We will look to grow internally the best talents and provide them with the necessary environment to become the next stars of their generations.

“Every year, we faced new and more complex challenges”, said Alessandro ‘sirbone’ Fazzi. “In 2016 we showed to the whole of Europe that Italy is a real force to be dealt with, even on a very competitive title such as League of Legends. Then we focused on giving new strength to the National competitions and on growing our own new talents, showing their skills to the public for the first time”.

In this regard, Forge broke new ground to raise “the level of competition in Italy, so that looking for some serious competition elsewhere wouldn’t be a necessity anymore. Many people followed our path and now we’re proud that our country can boast a lot of teams that can face the best in the world”.

Team Forge: a name, a guarantee

Born at the beginning of 2015, Team Forge was the first structured esport team created in Italy. Within just three years, Forge built up competitive roster in some of the most popular games, such as, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and TEKKEN.

In 2016, Team Forge was the first Italian team to ever qualify to the European Challengers Series, basically the prelude to the EU League Championship Series - the most important European tournament of League of Legends, thus putting their mark on the global scene.

We see only benefits and endless opportunities through this merger between QLASH and Team Forge and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and our fans.