The LVP Superliga Orange is the Spanish official competition, where professional organizations and their players take part, such as Team Queso, Vodafone Giants, x6tence, MAD Lions E.C., Movistar Riders, Team Heretics, Arctic Gaming and many more. It is one of the most professionally run and established competitions out there, which can beeasily seen from the huge success they have had over the years.

Until today, only Spanish clubs were taking part in the Clash Royale Superliga Orange, but Liga de Videojuegos Profesional and QLASH are extremely happy to announce that they will collaborate from now on, aiming to extend their market reach and audience even further.

For QLASH, entering the Clash Royale Superliga Orange is truly a great achievement and acknowledgement, considering all the efforts the company made during the past year. It’s also a great new starting point, a chance to grow and a chance to prove our professionalism and hard work on a huge and unique stage. We are more than looking forward to this Challenge!

About Clash Royale Superliga Orange

The Superliga Orange (SLO) is a competition run by LVP, that lets some of the best Esports organizations battle in four different games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and, as already mentioned, Clash Royale. This provides great diversity and viewership that is almost unmatched throughout Spain but also in Europe as a Whole.

The Clash Royale Superliga Orange will start on November 25th and 12 teams will go against each other twice during the regular season. The top teams after the regular season will continue their march for the precious trophy during Gamergy 2019 (Madrid), while the bottom teams will have to fight for their lives and save their spot in the Superliga Orange for next season.

All the games will be played in a Best of 5 sets format, with 3 players competing in each set: the team that loses a set can ban one card for the rest of the game, and of course the team to first win 3 sets also wins the series. The teams involved in the Clash Royale Superliga Orange will have to submit their rosters by November 2nd so make sure to follow us for updates on this!

About LVP

The Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (Professional Videogames League) is a Spanish organization, established in 2011, that has always aimed to organize a variety of competitions for everyone in the Esports scene, from professionals to amateurs. This is something that QLASH can really appreciate as our own philosophy is based around engaging with the Community as much as possible.

To understand the importance that LVP gained over the years in the Esports world, we can just take a look at some of their numbers. They are able to rack up over 10 million unique viewers a season which is by itself extremely impressive. Furthermore, ArenaGG, the platform where amateur players can compete in tournaments organized by LVP, hosts more than 3.000 tournaments a year, and has more than 200.000 active players.

All in all, the inclusion of QLASH in the Superliga Orange is not only an honor but also a responsibility to prove to the Spanish and also global scene what we can do as an organization. We cannot wait for the season to start and hope that our fans and community will support us in this new and exciting chapter of our development.