After ASUS ROG Army and KIYF Esports, Team Liquid and Team QLASH advance to Round 2 Winner Bracket, after winning their respective matches against Mkers and Tribe Gaming.

There’s still a chance for the defeated team though, as Round 2 Loser Bracket is scheduled for March 22nd, with the usual live streaming at 7 pm. Mkers and Tribe Gaming will go against each other, while the other match will be Pekkeame Estaaa vs. Team Queso.

But let’s see what happened in the two matches played on March 15th.

Team Liquid vs Mkers: 2-0

What happened to Millennium? The team changed his name, but not the power level of its roster. Team Liquid presented none other than ‘Surgical Goblin’, ‘Azylis’, ‘CMcHugh’, ‘Karnage’, and ‘MaxLaMenac’, while Mkers responded with ‘bazaar’, ‘Gruston’, ‘Deadpool89’, ‘Den’, and ‘Trainer Diputs’.

The first sat was even until 2-2, where ‘Deadpool89’ gave the Italian team  its first advantage on 2-3. Here, ‘CMcHugh’ went on his high horse, winning four matches in a raw and giving Liquid the first set.

In the second set, Team Liquid just made a little change, shifting ‘Azylis’ with ‘Surgical Goblin’ as opener. Mkers opted for a substitution though, with ‘Cristian’ instead of ‘Gruston’.

The first few matches were similar to the first set, but then again ‘CMcHugh’ brought his teammates from 2-2 to 5-2. ‘Den’ made a huge comeback on 5-5, but an unstoppable (and revived) ‘CMcHugh’ won the very last match.

Team QLASH vs Tribe Gaming: 2-0

In the second match of the evening, Team QLASH broke the seal with ‘Flobby’, ‘Vendetta’, ‘peppe’, ‘BigSpin’, and ‘Mr.S4nd3rs’, against ‘Dion’, ‘Blazer’, ‘Oxalate’, ‘Gio’ e ‘Alkama’ of Tribe Gaming,

The first set was dominated by QLASH, from 3-0 to 5-1. Then the revived ‘Oxalade’ managed to close the gap a little bit, but a solid ‘peppe’ earned the victory on 6-2, giving QLASH a good advantage.

Team QLASH always in control in the second set too (with the same rosters): 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, and 5-2. Again ‘Oxalate’ tried to get back on track on 5-4, but a spectacular ‘Flobby’ showed once again that he’s almost unstoppable with his Golem deck.