QLASH is happy to announce that from now on we will be able to provide to the Italian audience an official cast of the upcoming StarCraft2 WCS events on our StarCraft2 dedicated Twitch channel.

The StarCraft2 Community has always been one of the most dedicated in the gaming world and in order to provide it with the best possible experience when watching the highest level of play, we will be streaming and casting the events with a studio live from the QLASH House. Get excited because we have partnered with some of the most charismatic Italian casters with tons of experience in the scene:

Alessandro “Vasa” Vasarri
Riccardo “Mobius” Del Lungo
Fabio “Monta” Montagna
Flavio “MiaNonna” Rogledi

“I would really like to thank the QLASH family for believing in me and in all the other guys that I can’t wait to work with.” said “Vasa” and continued: “It will be an honor to return to casting in the awesome QLASH House after so many years of being on the sidelines and following the scene as a fan of the game. This year Italy will be a protagonist of the scene, and for this reason I want to be involved as much as possible.”

We too are eager to start with this project and what better opportunity to do so than this weekend when the WCS Winter Finals Europe will be played. Join us on the 7th of April for our first live show. As a special treat, the Italian prodigy Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti has already qualified for the event final and is awaiting his challenger as he topped an insanely skilful group in the online phase. 

WCS Winter Finals Europe bracket

For the WCS Winter Finals Europe you will be entertained by Alessandro “Vasa” Vasarri and Flavio “MiaNonna” Rogledi. They will be joined by a guest caster and our surprise for the Italian StarCraft2 Community. The father of Reynor - Massimo ‘Squall’ Romiti will be among us and commentating on the event. We, of course, won’t hold it against him if he roots for his son and gets emotional during the final, even if Reynor has to face our own Lambo there.

We hope to make a great show and to see all the Italian StarCraft2 fans in the Twitch channel!