The first group stage of WESG 2017 has ended, and the good news is that both Mikolaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski and Julian ‘Lambo’ Brosig managed to advance to Ro16. The not-so-good news is that they will battle against each other in Group D!

Elazer and Lambo will cross swords for the first time since they both joined Team QLASH. And what a first time it will be, live at World Electronic Sports Games 2017 for a first prize of $200,000.

But let’s see how they performed in Ro32.

Elazer by the skin of his teeth!

Elazer’s adventure at WESG 2017 begun very well, with a 2-0 win against ‘TIME’. In the second match, though, Mikolaj lost 1-2 against ‘Semper’, and then again 0-2 against ‘Maru’ – the winner of Group G with a clean sheet.

That game won against ‘Semper’ was decisive for the Polish player: with 3 game won and 4 lost, he was able to overcome both ‘Semper’ (3-5) and ‘TIME’ (2-5), qualifying for Ro16.

Lambo on a joyride

Lambo’s path wash basically the opposite of Elazer’s. The German StarCraft II player begun with a 2-0 loss against ‘Neeb’ – the American player dominated Group H 3-0, winning 6 game and losing just 1.

Julian changed gear right away and got his first victory against ‘Drager’ (2-0). In the last and decisive match, Lambo was able to defeat ‘Kelazhur’ 2-1, obtaining a precious second place in his Group.

Elazer and Lambo in Group D

We’ll see Elazer and Lambo back on the battlefield on Friday March 16th, when all the matches of Group D will be played. They will have to face the Finnish ‘Serral’ and the Ukrainian ‘Bly’, but only the top two players will advance to quarterfinals.

Ro16 will be played on a Best of 3 format: when the dust settles, there will be only 8 players standing.